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Tubidy Music is a new web-based application that brings the music lover out of the house. Available for mobile devices like iPhones, iPod Touch and Android phones, the free web-based application gives users the ability to listen and download music from their favorite songs directly from their laptops or mobile devices. This gives the music fan a real-time option to download and burn their favorite songs into customized playlists. The mobile version of this award-winning application allows users to “jam” with their favorite songs, by synchronizing their music library with their mobile devices.

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Users have the option to browse through the latest available songs or simply search for any song by artist or track name. The mobile version of the application comes with a large database of over fifteen million songs, which includes all the current top albums and songs. The mobile version of Tubidy Music has an impressive feature set that includes the music player, radio button, the radio station selection, play list, repeat, album art, and touch mode. The mobile version also allows the music lover to listen to music online via internet connection and through Bluetooth. The online feature will allow the user to listen to music via their smartphones, portable computers and laptops, as long as they are equipped with the correct media players. The online capability also allows the user to buy or subscribe to certain music services.

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Users can sort the songs by genre, artist, or even by date. There is a search box on the main page of the website where the user can put in specific words or phrase for quick search results. Once the search is complete, the mobile user is offered a list of songs in different categories. Some of the most popular categories include kids’ music, gospel and classical, music for weddings, sports, R&B, rap, rock, reggae, hip hop, metal, and lots more.

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The enhanced search function offers various ways of searching for your favorite songs. The enhanced search box includes an option to filter the list based on duration of the song, popularity, country, and other similar criteria. This way, the mobile users can be presented with the most relevant list of songs in the most appropriate way possible. With the enhanced search option, the user is also able to download music to their devices using the Tubidy Music Pass app free music.

The Tubidy Music Passes app is a must have app for users as it provides a fast and easy way of getting access to thousands of songs at a one time. It is a one time fee that is absolutely worth paying for as it allows unlimited downloads of music on your phone. The subscription fee is applicable once and charges are based on each download. Therefore, you are charged after each download. In addition, the subscriber is entitled to stream the music to their devices for free.

The Tubidy Music Pass allows subscribers to download songs for a period of one month, three months or a year. However, the subscriber has the option to renew the subscription according to his convenience. The subscription starts with zero dollars and charges only when the subscription is renewed. Subscribers have to visit a site that offers the service and choose the type of membership that he wants. Once the user chooses the subscription option, he can download songs for a period of thirty days, sixty days or one year.

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